Faculty of Marine Sciences of Karadeniz Technical University

Faculty  of Marine Sciences of Karadeniz Technical University had been established in 1982 and had started education since 1984. Faculty has 3 departments:  Department of Fisheries, Department of  Naval Architecture and Department of Marine Transportation and Business  Administration. Number of students has reached 800 and staff 85 of which 35  of them are academicians.

Main tasks of Department of  Fisheries are widely focused on marine ecology, fisheries management, fish  processing and aquaculture. Besides education and training activities  Department has carried out number of projects on fisheries and fisheries  management,  fishing gear and selectivity, marine protected areas, aquaculture, fish nutrition, water circulation systems, seafood processing, conservation and hygiene, physical and chemical oceanography, molecular  biology and fish genetics and marine ecology funded by either nationally   and internationally. Department is the partner of several EU networking, framework 6 and 7, and cross border projects. In order to conduct research, Department have a research vessels R/V DENAR 1 (25 m OAL) and R/V Yakamoz  (15 m OAL), experimental aquaculture station and several laboratories for  biology, chemistry, water pollution, genetics, wet labs and fish processing  laboratories as well.

Department has aimed to  be more active to solve problems related with the Black Sea, try to  increase the research area within the EEZ of Turkey, increase cooperation  with the research institutions in the Black Sea countries as well as the  European institutions.


Contact info: 

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Ertug Duzgunes, former Dean and  lecturer in the


Address:  KTU Deniz Bilimleri Fakültesi, 61530 Camburnu, Trabzon,TURKEY

E-mail: ertugduzgunes@gmail.com

Web: http://www.deniz.ktu.edu.tr/indexe.htm