Opening forum of the REEFS project

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation as a lead partner of REEFS project organized and held Opening forum and technical seminar dedicated to the artificial reefs. The forum was held on 27th, 28th and 29th of July 2012 at Hippodrome Complex in Balgarevo Village, Bulgaria with 41 participants from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia and Turkey. Representatives from various scientific institutions, governmental and non-governental organizations, local authorities and stakeholders attended this event.
Mr. Georgi Georgiev, Mayor of Balgarevo Village gave a welcome speech and Mr. Petko Petkov, the project manager presented REEFS project and Nature 2000 Network with focus on the two aquamarine zones – cape Kaliakra and Zelenka.
Technical seminar consisted of three panel sessions each with different topics: scientific methods of researching artificial reefs, types of reefs-like structures and examination of suitable places for artificial reefs placement. Scientific methods, artificial reefs prototypes and structures, criteria and potential localities were discussed and described.

Bellow are summaries of some of the most important reports presented at the forum:
- Prof. Boris Aleksandrov from OBIBSS (Odessa, Ukraine) in his presentation made an overview of installing artificial reefs in region of Ukraine, the  results of artificial reefs installment and their impact on the rehabilitation and protection of the Black Sea.
- Eng. Boyan Savov (Varna, Bulgaria) described Bulgarian experience in construction and settlement of artificial reefs and made an overview of different types and prototypes of artificial reefs.
- Prof. Ertug Duzgunes from KTU (Trabzon, Turkey) told the attendees about the appropriate places for  artificial reef settlements in Turkey, responsible institutions and expected results.
At the end of the forum, all guests examined the permanent exposition of the Visitors Center “Kaliakra” in Balgarevo and expressed their satisfaction with this interesting and fruitful international meeting.