Mare Nostrum is an organization comprised of citizens concerned about the severe degradation of the Romanian Coastal Environment, whose mission is to promote the transformation from the current unsustainable practices and attitudes towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious methods regarding the utilization of Romanian Coastal Zone.

Mare Nostrum NGO is a non governmental organization funded in 1994 and the main goals are:

-          to develop and diversify the organization’s funding sources

-          to increase the awareness and to educate the community

-          to promote and ensure the sustainable development of the coastal zone

-          to assess the state of the environment

-          to contribute to the specific environmental policies

-          to establish partnerships with the community stakeholders


The departments are:

-          Black Sea Information, Education and Resources Centre

-          Environmental education/education for sustainable development

-          Waste management department

-          Biodiversity conservation department

-          Volunteering  department

Being part of this project is a new challenge for Mare Nostrum NGO and thus is giving us the possibility to develop and also  promote one of our main goals:  ensuring the sustainable development of the coastal zone. It is important for us to be part of REEFS project, because in this way  we will try to increase the number of artificial reefs and  provide more information about the installment of artificial reefs in Romania. The results from all  partner countries will create  a possibility of improving the methodology regarding artificial reefs, and why not to lay  a basis of a new institutional and legislative framework.


Contact info: 

Contact person: Mihaela Candea, Executive Director

Address: Bd. 1 Decembrie 1918, nr. 3,  bl. F17,  sc. A, ap. 3, Constanta 900711, ROMANIA

Phone/Fax: +40241/612422; +40341/407432