Training of trainers in Trabzon, Turkey

On 20 th -23 th October 2014,  artifical reefs Training of trainers was held  in Koru motel, the main campus of Karadeniz Technical University – Trabzon, Turkey. This training was attended  by specialists and strakeholders from all countries involved in the REEFS Project- Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and  Georgia and working in the field of ecology and biodiversity conservation.

The trainig was conducted in a several  sessions and the introductory  speech was read by prof.Duzgunes from Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon,Turkey.

Mr.Petko Tzvetkov from Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Bulgaria presented the REEFS Project and the main issues connected with this project.

In the frames of the first session, prof. Boris Alexandrov from Odessa, Ukraine made a historical overview of the implementation of the artificial reefs in Black Sea and the variety of artificial reefs design was discussed. Prof. Galina Minicheva presented how to make a monitoring and management of the macrophytes on the Black Sea’s artificial reefs.

In the frame of the second session, prof. Duzgunes presented the use of artificial reefs for the reproduction of living resources – fish and invertebrates. Prof. Alexandrov explained how the artifical reefs can be an effective way for hydrobilogical melioration of the aquatic environment. Ass.Prof. Oleg Kovtun from the Marine Research Station, Odessa, Ukraine presented an interesting topic related with the dangerous algae and  marine animals in the area of the instalation of artificial reefs.

During the third session different aspects of the legal procedures, permissions and involved institutions have been discussed among the partners and the involved in the training trainers and the representative of every country presented different topics related with the artificial reefs legislation ih his country.

In the frames of the fourth session some practical aspects connected with the design and the installation of the artificial reefs in the aquatory of Black Sea countries were presented and discussed.

Also every partner from the countries engaged with the realization of  REEFS Project submitted their  experience of the artificial reefs installment in their countries.